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Lecture Cycle Transcripts

The transcripts (below) are of lectures given by Dr. Powell at various workshops. They have been made available with his permission. They are for purchase. Please note that he has not reviewed them and they have not been edited. When copied for you, they will contain a watermark that says 'Do Not Copy', since this is proprietary material. Thank you for understanding.

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2011 Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary

Weekend $35

2011 Chapel Hill, NC The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse

Week $75

2012 Chapel Hill, NC Jacob's Ladder - Life After Death

Week $75

2013 Holden Beach, NC The Sacred Heart

Weekend $35

2013 Sebastopol, CA The Mysteries of the Holy Grail

Week $75

2013 Sebastopol, CA The Foundation Stone Meditation

Weekend $35

2015 Melbourne, Australia The Great Teachers

Week $75

2016 Assisi, Italy The Tree of Life

Week $55

2017 Melbourne, Australia The Nine Beatitudes

Week $75

2018 Vilcabambe, Ecuador The Shambhala Path Part 1 and 2    $55

2019 Vilcabamba, Ecuador The Shambhala Path Part 3 $55

2019 Vilcabamba, Ecuador The Shambhala Path Part 4    $55