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Podcast Series 2 The Mystery of Evil

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11 A Synpsis of previous 10Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 53:33
11 B Synopsis of previous 10.mpDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 51:39
12 A The 3 1/2 yearsDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 40:12
12 BDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 40:04
12 C Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 42:44

Pray for us, O holy Mother of God

that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

13 A The Grail and EvilDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 44:21
14 ADr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 54:04
15 A Father ElpidiosDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 49:59
16 A Father Eplidios ContinuedDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 50:09
13 B The 2024 Solar EclipseDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 16:02
14 BDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 42:43
15 BDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 47:29
16 B DM650412Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 50:56
17 A History of DNA Research and VaccinesDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 44:28
17 B Lazarus and MagdalenDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 40:27
17 C Magdalen's CleansingDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 27:52
18 The Second Fall of Humanity.MP3Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 50:07
19 A Continuation of The Second FallDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 44:10
20 A Christ's Etheric ReturnDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 48:18
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19 BDr. Robert Powell
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20 BDr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 50:07

LECTURE CDs from Robert's Global Workshops
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The audio CDs listed below are of lectures given by Dr. Robert Powell at various gatherings and workshops from 2011 to 2020. These audio CDs are 'sound edited' to eliminate coughs, sneezes, and binder clicks, for example, where possible, but they are not of professional quality. In addition, they have not been reviewed by Dr. Powell, but he has given his approval to make them available.

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The Shambhala Path: Esoteric Lectures held in Vilcabamba, Ecuador 2018/2019

Parts 1 and 2   

The Shambhala Path: Esoteric Lectures held in Vilcabamba, Ecuador 2018/2019

Part 5   

The Shambhala Path: Esoteric Lectures held in Vilcabamba, Ecuador 2018/2019

Part 3   

The Shambhala Path: Esoteric Lectures held in Vilcabamba, Ecuador 2018/2019

Part 6  

The Shambhala Path: Esoteric Lectures held in Vilcabamba, Ecuador 2018/2019

Part 4   

Kaspar Hauser Lectures: Summer 2018

Bali Lectures Spring 2018

Assisi Lectures 2017

The Tree of Life and the Foundation Stone


Assisi Lectures 2016

The Tree of Life and Adam Kadmon

2017 Melbourne workshop

"The Beatitudes"

Topics Include: 

The nine-fold human being in relation to the nine spiritual hierarchies and the nine beatitudes; The Trinity as the Primal Source of Creation; The Trinity and the Foundation Stone of Love; The shift from Christ’s descent into Hell to Christ’s ascent to the Father was the “turning point of time.” The Nine Beatitudes open us to the Holy Spirit, through Christ. They are nine blessings for the nine-fold human being on the path toward resurrection; A spiritual breathing process will lead us to etheric clairvoyance; Two significant prophets of the Second Coming; The Ishim; A new aspect of Eurythmy and etheric clairvoyance’; Astrosophy lesson; The Jupiter rhythm that underlies Christ’s descent to Shamballa; Islam and Gondishapur; The Nine Beatitudes are the remedy for the counter forces ascending from sub-earthly layers and working in the world; From the Temple of Solomon to the Heavenly Jerusalem; The High Priest and High Priestess of the new temple, the Heavenly Jerusalem are Jesus Christ and Mary Sophia; The Steiner Madonna; Our destiny is woven into our etheric body; Cultivating the seed of the Resurrection Body; The spiritual hierarchies and the Holy Spirit; The new sphere that is being added to the earth; The opening of the 8th sub-earthly sphere in 2016; Rudolf Steiner and Valentin Tomberg—a closer look.

2015 5-day Workshop:

The Great Teachers of Humanity

Melbourne, Australia

January 2015

2014 5-day Workshop:

The Merging of East and West

The Maitreya Bodhisattva

Sebastopol, CA

July 2014

2013 5-day Workshop:

The Mysteries of the Holy Grail

Sebastopol, CA

July 15-19, 2013


2013 Weekend Workshop:

Shambhala and the Sacred Heart

Holden Beach, NC

July 22-24 2013 (Part 1)


2012 Weekend Workshop:

Prophecy, Phenomena, Hope

Choose from the following locations:

Boulder, CO

Petaluma, CA

Vancouver, BC Canada

Chapel Hill, NC is offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD on the page entitled "Esoteric Lectures"

2012 5-day Workshiops:

Life Beyond the Threshold of Death:

Boulder, CO

Chapel Hill, NC

Petaluma, CA

Vancouver, BC Canada


The Seven Seals of the Apocalypse:

The Unveiling"

July 25-29, 2011

Chapel Hill, NC

Topics Include:


The New Genesis: Evolution from a Spiritual Scientific Perspective;The Mystery of Evil as  Path for Awakening Consciousness and Conscience; Eurythmy as a Christianizing of the Atlantean Mysteries; Practices for the redemption of evil: Donning Sophia's Starry Mantle and putting on the Resurrection Body of Christ

"Seeking Isis Sophia"
Robert Powell, PhD

July 11-15, 2011
Petaluma, CA

Topics Include:

The structure of the Earth as a Tetrahedron.
The shift of spiritual orientation from the East to the South.
Christ as the divine archetype of LIFE.
The quintessence of alchemy.
The resurrection of the Mysteries of Atlas.
The seven planetary oracles represented by the Rishis.
The Primal teachers and the Nephalim.
The 600 year rhythym of cultural waves
The new cultural wave coming in 2014
The re-interpenetration of Heaven and Earth 

The Foundation Stone Meditation
Robert Powell, PhD

February 25 - 27, 2011
Petaluma, CA  

2011 Weekend Workshops:

Awakening to the Divine Feminine:

Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary

Chapel Hill, NC

Topics include:

The life and Mission of Mary Magdalene

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary - an Alchemical Mystery

The Heavenly Jerusalem: The future of solarized/Christianized humanity

Awakening to the Divine Feminine: 
Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary


June 24 - 26, 2011
Boulder, CO

Awakening to the Divine Feminine:
Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary


July 1-3, 2011
Vancouver, Canada

"The Zodiac and World Evolution in the Light of Divine Sophia"

July 8-10, 2011
Seattle, WA