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CANDLEMAS 2023 Onward

136 A Feb 3 2023Dr. Robert Powell
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137 ADr. Robert Powell
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138 ADr. Robert Powell
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136 BDr. Robert Powell
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137 BDr. Robert Powell
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138 BDr. Robert Powell
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The Presentation of the Jesus Child

in the Temple of YHVH

40 Days after Christmas (Candlemas)

What distinguishes the Catholic Church is that it serves the goal of the conservation and nurture of tradition in a very intensive way, yet at the same time participates no less intensively to shape and contest all areas of contemporary life - and also strives towards an ideal of the future that embraces all mankind. Out of all known larger human communities, the Catholic Church is the most perfect in this respect: it never forgets the past, it works and takes care for the future, and it takes an active position towards the events of the present day.

(The Art of the Good by Valentin Tomberg, page 84)

139 ADr. Robert Powell
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139 BDr. Robert Powell
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139 CDr. Robert Powell
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Love stands above nationality.

Love stands above any religion.  

Love itself creates the religious.  

There are no religions in the divine world. There exists only Love. The atmosphere of the divine world is Love. Therein everything breathes Love. Religions appear because Love cannot manifest itself on earth...  

The greatest thing in the world is to come to know God as Love. 

The beauty of our life is in our connection with God, who is Love.  

Love contains within itself all conditions, all possibilities, all methods by which the human soul might develop to its fullness. 

Beinsa Douno, The Master Speaks (Los Angeles: Sunrise Press, 1970), pp. 16-17

140 ADr. Robert Powell
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140 BDr. Robert Powell
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From the Ascension to the Second Coming

141 ADr. Robert Powell
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142 A Tuesday March 21Dr. Robert Powell
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141 BDr. Robert Powell
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142 BDr. Robert Powell
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