The Sophia School of Movement offers sacred movement classes with the goal of integrating willing, feeling, and thinking through gentle, etheric movement, vivifying classical music, and the sacred sciences. This path prepares the human being, on the level of the life body, to commune with Christ in His Second Coming, in the clouds (not in a physical body, but in etheric raiment within the life ether of planet earth). This path enables one to attune to the microcosmic Word within and the macrocosmic Word in the Heavens, uniting the Father with His Creation, through the Bridge who is Christ Jesus, and through Sophia, the Bride of the Lamb (from Revelation:12, 19, 21)

-Kelly W. Calegar, Founder

The Sophia School of Movement

Click a Podcast below to listen to lectures by Dr. Robert Powell on the

December 21, 2020 Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn.

1 A December 1 2020Dr. Robert Powell
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2 A December 4 2020Dr. Robert Powell
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3 A December 8 2020Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 50:01
4 A December 15, 2020Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 44:50
5 A December 20 2020Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 35:20
6 A January 12 2021 DM65039Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 50:19
1 B December 1 2020Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 47:21
2 B December 4 2020Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 43:00
3 B December 4 2020Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 44:49
4 B December 15 2020Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 35:27
5 B December 20 2020Dr. Robert Powellame
00:00 / 27:39
6 B January 12 2021 DM65039Dr. Robert Powell
00:00 / 44:58

From St. Louis de Montfort about Mary:

"It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that he must reign in the world. I declare with the saints: Mary is the earthly paradise of Jesus Christ the new Adam, where he became man by the power of the Holy Spirit, in order to accomplish in her wonders beyond our understanding. She is the vast and divine world of God where unutterable marvels and beauties are to be found.    (Continued below)

The Sophia School of Movement Offers:
Cultivating Inner Radiance
 through sacred gesture and the Word

This is a meditative practice of movement that includes

  • the seven Divine I AM sayings of Christ,

  • the seven phrases Christ spoke from the Cross,

  • the seven messages the Risen One spoke to his disciples.


call or write Kelly for more information - all are welcome!


(Continued from above - St. Louis de Montfort)

The saints have said wonderful things of Mary, the holy City of God, and, as they themselves admit, they were never more eloquent and more pleased than when they spoke of her. According to St. Augustine, even St. Michael, though prince of all the heavenly court, is the most eager of all the angels to honor her and lead others to honor her. At all times he awaits the privilege of going, at her word, to the aid of one of her servants.


"If you wish to understand the Mother," says a saint, "then understand the Son. She is a worthy Mother of God." Hic taceat omnis lingua : Here let every tongue be silent.


My heart has dictated with special joy all that I have written to show that Mary has been unknown up till now, and that that is one of the reasons why Jesus Christ is not known as he should be.

If then, as is certain, the knowledge and the kingdom of Jesus Christ must come into the world, it can only be as a necessary consequence of the knowledge and reign of Mary. She who first gave him to the world will establish his kingdom in the world."

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